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Jining jie knight thermal insulation building materials co., LTD. Is a focus on sales of new energy-saving insulation of enterprises,Mainly includes the rock wool insulation board,Cement insulation board,Wire rack insulation board, such as heat preservation material sales。The registered capital of three million,Exterior wall thermal insulation material, a large sales company,The company is located in the beautiful capital of canal——Jining,The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient,Provides advantages for the development of the company。The company is committed to building high quality rock wool products r &d and production base,With world-class technology and equipment,The construction of international rock wool products production base,A high starting point,High quality leads the market。And using the advantage of scientific research institutes focus on promoting domestic rock wool industry standards、The establishment of the specification,Step by step to promote domestic research and the establishment of new materials application system,Do our country leader of inorganic fiber energy-saving insulation materials,To contribute the new wall materials in our country。


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Contact phone number:13963787839
Contact phone number:13963737778
The mailbox:jntbwjc@126.com
The company address:Jining communist youth league in the west(Xin sound right)BCommercial complex building block
Company website:www.waiqitong.cn

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Jie knight insulation using a world-class technology,The construction of international rock wool products production base,A high starting point,High quality leads the market。


Exterior wall insulation board has excellent fireproof performance,In case of fire don't burn,Fireproof performance achievedA1Level,For high working temperature400°The above,Is to improve the industrial and civil building external wall thermal insulation level of the material selection。


Wire rack of polystyrene polystyrene resin as raw materials,Through special process continuous extrusion foaming molding of rigid plank,Its internal structure for closed bubbles,It is a kind of environmental protection heat preservation material。


Waterproof rock wool insulation board compatible with exterior wall system,Provide effective heat preservation and heat insulation for building、A variety of features such as fire, and a severe climate protection。Widely used in residential、Industry, etc。


The company has perfect after-sales service,After purchase of products or have any questions we will timely solution for you!

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