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 The current position:Jingjiang glitter forging co., LTD
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  Our main products are:Stainless steel flange、Pipe fittings、The high temperature flange、Tee、Shaft head、The high temperature cone、Disc spring blank、Aluminum casting die forgings and various kinds of the opposite sex、National standard forging production。Company's core products are for langfang threesome butterfly spring、Shanghai nuclear work、Yangzhou spring factory、Yellowstone spring factory yangzhou more than 20 spring factory, etc、Qingdao sne tong industrial co., LTD、Alloy steel co., LTD. Yantai city、Yantai dongguan best furnace tube factory supply,Well received by the customers。

Jingjiang glitter forging co., LTD 

   Jingjiang glitter forging co., LTD(The original jingjiang tongjiang die plant)Located in the jiangsu jingjiang development area along the river,Shanghai pudong development zone radiation belts,From the hongqiao international airport160Kilometers,And wuxi、Changzhou over the huangpu river,The traffic、Information is very convenient。
   The company was founded in1988Years,Specialized in forging close20Years,Have strong experience in forging。The company has1Tons of free forging 'one、750kgThe second stage、560kgA zhong and air die forging as well as a variety of CNC machine tool equipment。The company has obtainedISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification。Under the reform and opening up policy guidelines of the party,Through the joint efforts of all staff,Enterprise scale is growing ......More and more


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