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    9Month17Day,Green travel awareness month and bus travel in sichuan province publicity week launch ceremony in while luzhou koyo park,To start the ceremony,Unveiled2019In the whole province“The best bus driver”List,Neijiang bus Qiu Zhongguo、Li Shenggui on the list,One of them,Qiu Zhongguo honored to2019In sichuan province top ten“The best bus driver”...
    Ministry of transport of China national tourism administration, national railway administration of civil aviation administration of China railway corporation...
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    Promote good style booster bus career soldier——Celebrate the army group92...
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    Unforgettable children neijiang xiao Yang posts(Fills the branch staff Yang Yuanjun son)...
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    Service network address business service time sweet city pass west wins business hall large area on the west - road460Deal with sweet city pass all business:(To deal with an ordinary card、The student card、Free card、Prepaid phone、Year of careful、...
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