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Hua ding water waterproof casing technology promotion center is the production of various kinds of pipe fittings、Water supply and drainage materials enterprises。The main production products include steel flexible waterproof casing and long sleeve、FTGWaterproof casing、ZYS808Flexible waterproof casing、Stainless steel flexible waterproof casing steel、S404The flexible steel waterproof casing、S312The flexible steel waterproof casing and unique design,Novel structure is reasonable,Reliable performance,To the engineering construction、Maintenance bring great convenience and benefits。My company technical force is abundant,Sophisticated equipment,The craft is advanced,There is a group of engaged in mechanical design and manufacture of high experienced engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers。


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Long-term tracking service,Perfect after-sale service system,Ensure that users worry-free!

To provide users with high-quality pipe equipment,Help users planning better construction plan and meet customer expectations and demand。

Pay attention to every detail of the production,Ensure the products quality,After-sales service for free installation guide、Debugging,Quality tracking and system maintenance。

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