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Company introduction
Anhui aofeng construction group co., LTD,Formerly known as xuan city aofeng building installation co., LTD,Was established1992Years,Is the xuanzhou district of state-owned capital operation group co., LTD., a subsidiary of state-owned holding companies。The company has the housing construction project construction general contracting qualification level,Municipal public engineering construction general contracting grade b qualification,The level of water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting 3 qualification,Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade qualification,Steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3 qualification,Environmental protection project specialized contracting grade 3 qualification foundation three professional contracting qualification,Ancient three professional contracting qualification。 Existing staff1875People,Engineering technology、Economic management305People,One senior titles15People、Intermediate title100People。The registered capital6200Ten thousand yuan,Various models construction machinery and equipment、Form a complete set of equipment is complete。 The company's internal institutions is complete,With years of industrial and civil building construction area of eight hundred thousand square meters...
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