Jingjiang double is sawdust dryer bark dryers
Wood chip dryer、The bark of the dryer
My company to provide clients with professional wood chip dryer、Bark dryers, dryer equipment and complete service system!

  2006Since,Double is people to enhance the level of drying drying technology and environmental protection as its own duty,Committed to the high viscosity materials and high humidity drying technology research and development、Equipment manufacturing、Technical consultation,To provide clients with professional drying drying equipment and complete sets of system services。

  Involved in the professional baking heat drying system、Conveyor、Break up、Drying、Drying、The wind to send、Collection、Storage、The packing and can control the system, etc。Through the study of the rich、Development、Design、Manufacturing and debugging experience,We not only provide high quality self-developed core equipment,And will these devices seamlessly combines the actual conditions of the user system。From qualitative raw materials、The technological requirement、The project design、Technical evaluation to equipment manufacturing、Installation and debugging、Personnel training,To provide complete solutions to our customers。

  Drying is one of the oldest industries,Is also high......

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