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Jiujiang and send shipping co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as jiujiang hair),Is approved by the administration for industry and commerce registered(Registration number:360402210003000),An independent legal entity;2010Through the approval of the Yangtze river maritime safety administration of the People's Republic of China for serie b vessel crew service agencies(License no:B13044)、Inland river crew service agencies(License no:The river13022);

Development of jiujiang city yacht sports leisure entertainment culture landscapes。West boat group affiliates have jiujiang fly lai, the boat industry co., LTD、Jiangxi west yacht co., LTD、

Jiujiang and send shipping co., LTD

Jiujiang and send shipping co., LTD、Nine Jiang Taosheng culture media co., LTD、Jiujiang west west yacht club co., LTD,Group companies mainly in the yacht、The boat、Motor boats、Jet aircraft、The production of water recreation and sports equipment、Sales、Service、Training for the integration of industrial chain group co., LTD。West yacht club is committed to build a water sports and yacht operating service and training industry etc, water sports industry base。

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