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Provide you with high quality precision mould products
We have more work in the mechanical parts processing
The master of the year,And has high precision makino(MA KI NO)
The machine and30000High speed computer gongs machining center
For you to provide professional technical support
Has more than professional engineers、The technician can solve the mould for you
The problems encountered in the production,Our technical team,
Treat every customer with your heart
To provide you with personalized solutions
The introduction of advanced technology and production equipment,Through the years
Adhere to independent research and development and innovation,Make the technical level and product quality
Customers receive the praise and trust
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Into the chang an artisan precision metal processing
Has a professional technical team and professional reference design concepts and technology
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Dongguan mayor Andrew potter precision metal processing plant
  Was established2016Years,Located in mould town of China--Dongguan city changan Angle on salty, west industrial zone.The company management science,Strives for the survival by the quality;To promote the development of science and technology,Ideals,With high precision makino(MA KI NO)The machine and30000High speed computer gongs machining center. Faced with such fierce competition in the market,We strictly carry out:“Quality concept、Cost concept、The concept of time、The concept of efficiency、Credit concept”。We value“People-oriented,Continuous improvement,Carved his report,The scientific management... ...【To view more】 
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General first rough machining,Allowance visual accuracy of machine tools,Under normal circumstances for machining benchmark for first, ...
For most of the parts,Mechanical properties are the main indicators,Characterization of mechanical performance parameters are strong...
CNCMachine will be the quickness of modern control technology and precision of motion of the machine together,Shape...
Cross section measurement,Adjust measured thing that locating piece along the radial direction and the parallel plate,Measuring the distance positioning block and slab。...
For effective metal cutting processing,Processing materials、Cutting tools and cutting condition are three main factors。These decisions...
Dongguan mayor Andrew potter precision metal processing plant professional:Precision plastic mold manufacturing,Plastic injection molding,Die casting mould processing,Precision speedCNCProcessing,Precision machinery parts processing,High-speed computer gongs processing,Big computer gongs processing,Fixture fixture design...
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