Legal notices

  1.  Our company is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights,Standardized products on the Internet application and innovation of science and technology assignment to the real economy of one-stop service。As a response to the country called for“Double gen”Enterprise,Our company adhering to the customer first、Service business philosophy,Uphold solid and development、Realistic and innovative spirit,Respect for talent、Pay attention to technology,Enable customers to enjoy the latest achievements in the development of science and technology at the same time to obtain the biggest benefit,Won the customers high praise。

  2.  Our company is the registration number for the first31206009Number,The first31206125Number,The first31212231Number,The first31215634Number,The first31232080Number,The first31232136Number,The first use of check and ratify goods9Class、The first35Class、The first38Class、The first41Class、The first42Class、The first45Of the class“Wu”The registered trademark right holder, In view of the behaviors of any infringement of the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark,My company has the right to take all legal means to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the trademark。

  3.  These days,The relevant consumer reporting and investigation of my company,Found that appeared on the market without authorization or permission to use my company“Wu”Registered trademarks of commodities,On the basis of《The trademark law of the People's Republic of China》Article 57,The behavior of infringement of registered trademark violations,In accordance with the law shall be prohibited by law and sanctions。In this,My company's solemn statement:

    A、Without my authorization、License or transfer,Any unit and individual shall not be used in the promotion and product“Wu”Registered trademark。

    2、Without my authorization、License or transfer,Unauthorized use“Wu”The registered trademark,It shall immediately stop the abuse of power,Removed、Destruction of the infringing content、Products。

    3、Since the date of this announcement,We will immediately start the administration、Civil and criminal law procedure,The legal liability shall be investigated for the infringer!

  4.  In line with the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit、The concept of win-win cooperation,If you need“Wu”The registered trademark of business cooperation or investment、In our project,Please contact us。