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Source food co., LTD. Was established in suzhou ever ointment2004Years4Month,The registered capital3000Ten thousand yuan,Located in the operator from chicken country of origin—Anhui suzhou character from the set of new rural industrial park。The operator from the development of the one thousand - year - old chicken was based on a solid start,After years of growth,Has now developed into a character from MaJi breeding、Breeding、Research and development、Processing、The sale in a body's modernized enterprise。Run by the company“Hui source”Brand operators from the collection of roast chicken,Has become the anhui province famous trademark。

Company profile

A、Ancient town operators from one thousand sets have always enjoyed“China's rural roast chicken”A reputation。

2、1956Years,China's first food fair was named Chinese famous dishes,Included      《Chinese recipes》。

3、1959Years,On the 10th anniversary of the People's Republic of China,Roast chicken is a character from the set        State banquet on a dish。

Four、2001Years,The Chinese famous specialty expert committee identified as Chinese famous        Specialty。

Five、2005And the year2006Years,Certificated by national geographic and national quality        Standard system certification

Six、2008Years,Making skill is in anhui province as the second batch of provincial intangible cultural        Heritage list。

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