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  • Water-soluble crosslinking agent

    This product is a water-based resin containing carboxyl crosslinking agent,Such as waterborne polyurethane、Acrylic emulsion、Water

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Hefei bianco is fine chemical co., LTD1989By anhui university(Countries“211Engineering”Key construction of colleges and universities,Anhui provincial focus comprehensive university)With China branch recruit high technology co., LTD(By the Hong Kong China merchants、The former state science and technology commission、The original stind launched together)Joint venture founded by the national high and new technology enterprise,Is located in hefei(Countries)High and new technology development zone in anhui university of science and technology park。The company is specialized in domestic“The torch”Plan the project-For the development of water-based polyurethane resin、Production and management。

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    Focused on domestic waterborne polyurethane industry

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Bianco chemical invention patents by the state intellectual property office of the authorization2012-09-02

In recent days,Hefei bianco independent research and development of fine chemical industry co., LTD“Hydrophilic group containing phosphonic acid salt of synthetic process of aqueous polyurethane dispersions”Was awarded the state intellectual property office of the invention patent(The patent number:201010599606.3)

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