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  His emerging chemical co., LTD. Is a collection of production、Sales in the integration of more comprehensive enterprise products。Built in enterprise1979Years,To the existing today38Years of history。Enterprise covers an area of now15Wanm2,Employees600More than one,Is located in henan province QinYang mayor economy high-speed QinYang station exit south righteousness town industrial park。The company's main products are seven class of 48 kinds:A、Feed:N-Carbamyl glutamic acid(NCG)、Inositol、Feed grade manufacture gelatinized starch, etc。2、Used for food:Acetyl HuaEr starch phosphate ester、Acetylated starch adipate、A variety of consumption level such as prepaste starch。...[To check the details]

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  • Address:His worship of righteousness industrial zone of henan province

  • The phone:0391-5055071

  • The mailbox:qyxxhg@163.com

  • A mobile phone:13703912520 Chestnut manager

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