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Good friend hotel supplies factory in suzhouSpecializing in the production of hotel rooms disposable supplies,Guest room toiletries、Toothbrush、Soap、Comb、Rooms disposable slippers、Five、Four、3、2、The first classStar hotel guest room toiletries。Is the first company in suzhouHotel articlesFactory,You a phone call for free home delivery。Provide quality and comfortable service for you!Sue friends preferred hotel supplies factory in suzhou,Specializing in the production of hotel rooms disposable supplies,Guest room toiletries、ToothbrushSoapCombRooms disposable slippers、Five、Four、3、2、A first-class five-star hotelGuest room toiletries
About“Be honest、Tolerance、Innovation、Service”
Good friend hotel supplies factory in suzhouThink that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation,Tolerance is the premise to solve the problem,Innovation is the development of enterprise,Service is fundamental to create value。

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  1. Mei jie ya hotel disposable toothbrush、Comb、Soap、Shampoo、Bath dew four unity mouthwash,A set of0.59Yuan
  2. Mei jie ya—A special offer on inflation liuhe a mouthwash to only0.56Yuan
  3. Mei jie ya shampoo\8Ml of shampoo\8mlShampoo
  4. Mei jie ya shower gel\8mlShower gel\8Ml lotion
  5. “Many guests”Washing four rooms、Six times only0.8Yuan