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Development、Design、Manufacturing、Installation commissioning one-stop professional、The scale of the enterprise
Product appearance is beautiful、Compact structure、Corrosion resistance、Anti-aging、High purification efficiency、Low energy consumption、Maintenance is convenient
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To become Chinese Purification equipmentThe first brand

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Shandong jiahe technology co., LTD., long-term commitment to environmental protection in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection science and technology,The main productionPPWashing tower、Exhaust gas scrubber、Glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as washing tower,With leading technology、Excellent quality constantly。With the rapid development of our company after more than ten years,Has now become a collection development、Design、Manufacturing、Installation commissioning one-stop professional、The scale of the enterprise。

The high quality product,Strict quality

Our company research and development of products,System design is perfect,Matching accessories complete,Adsorption ability,High purification efficiency。PPThe adsorption tower、Scrubber exhaust gas purification with high efficiency、Good corrosion resistance、Light weight、High strength、Cover an area of an area small、Exhaust the advantages of large quantity。

Advanced technology,Humanized design

The products of the company:PPWashing tower is suitable for the large volume of low concentration organic waste gas treatment,Can effectively purify the environment、Eliminate the pollution、Improve labor operation conditions、To ensure that the workers health。PPAir valve、PPElbow、PPDuct adopt international standardization standard design,Fine production,Completely according to your need to conduct a comprehensive planning and design and production。

Use range、High cost performance

PPThe adsorption tower、Glass fiber reinforced plastic washing tower can handle sulfuric acid mist、Hydrochloric acid fog、Chromic acid mist、Nitric acid mist、Phosphoric acid mist、Hydrofluoric acid mist、Hydrogen chloride、Hydrogen fluoride、Sulfur The hydrogen、The harmful gas such as hydrogen cyanide。PPAir valve、PPElbow、PPDuct are widely used in the electronics industry、PCBIndustry、The chemical industry、Electroplating industry、Metal industry、Pulp and paper industry、Metallurgical industry、Industrial production、In the field of wastewater treatment, and other gas purification process。

High purification efficiency、Easy to use

Our company in the production of research and developmentPPWashing tower、Exhaust gas scrubber、PPThe corrosion layer adsorption tower、Enhancement layer、Aging proof layer adopts the special process、The corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic production special materials,Filling pall ring packing,Has the very good new gas-liquid contact surface,Effect of use is convenient,High efficiency of dust,The desulfurization effect is good。

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Perfect service process and professional customer service staff24Hours the entire star service,Monitor the installation of each link,To visit customers on a regular basis,The escort for you。

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