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Kunming, too technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech new material, led by Dr Returnees innovative companies,2013Years4Month17High-tech zone, was founded in kunming。Company is mainly engaged in carbon nanotubes paper、Carbon nanotubes composite materials research and development, production and sales of paper,Carbon nanotubes and paper market terminal product application solutions design。Companies and many universities both at home and abroad research institutions set up a partnership,Developers have extremely strong creativity and continuous research and development ability,Can cooperate with customers in design and development。Has been applied for66Patents,Authorized invention patent20Items、The patent for utility model25Items。The company independent research and development of a new set of continuous production of carbon nanotubes paper technology and production equipment,Makes company is currently the only one with low cost for production of carbon nanotubes paper enterprises。

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Product and technology center
  • 2018-04-19
    Kunming, too technology co., LTD has made important breakthroughs in the field of carbon nanomaterials,Civil research material、Aerospace、Military and other fields,Quantum defence in its inception has been paying attention to the development of kunming, too technology companies and research and development products,Recently interviewed Dr Liu Zhu quantum defence——Kunming, so the founder of science and technology,Through her idea、The company's development goals and process,Understand the development of carbon nanotubes paper、Applications、Prospects and business journey。
  • 2017-11-17
    Shenzhen is not only a high-end display platform,Or technology in our country、Capital、Talent and the market“Reservoir”,Also an important part of innovation ecosystem。In recent years,Shenzhen often do often new,Is becoming more and more mature、High-end,The CHTF pomp,Exhibition、High-end BBS、Gen guest contest, etc200Many activities,Create a unprecedented high and new technology。
          After the opening ceremony,Vice governor of yunnan province government delegation jin-ping he line to yunnan to visit our booth。Yunnan pavilion space-unit area120Square meters,By carefully selecting48Companies52An investment project focus to participate in the show,Involved in biomedicine and health、The new material、Energy conservation and environmental protection、Plateau characteristic agriculture、Advanced manufacturing and other fields of new technology and new products。There are mainly:Kunming university of science and technology of complex clean non-ferrous metal resources utilization、Yunnan university of carbon quantum dots low-cost green manufacturing technology development、Yunnan kunming steel stone paper environmental protection material co., LTD., the stone paper、The Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of medical biologySabinInactivated polio strains and intestinal virus71Inactivated vaccines、Yunnan crystal ene new material technology co., LTD. Of graphene and graphene lithium battery, etc。
  • 2017-08-30
    8Month19Day,The Royal Academy of engineering,Cambridge university and institute of electronic engineering、Power and energy conversion direction of doctoral tutor、The directorGehan Amaratunga The professor came to kunming kunming high-tech business incubator, visit too technology co., LTD。
  • 2017-06-21
    Workshop in kunming, Dr Too Liu Zhu founder technology co., LTD. Introduces the enterprises relying on institutions of colleges and universities professional background and talent advantage,Actively carry out autonomous core technology research and development and innovation,Planning to strengthen intellectual property rights、To apply for、Management and transfer,In such aspects as promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements and experience。At present, the enterprise has own intellectual property rights60The remainder term,Based on patent technology to carry out the industrialization production of independent intellectual property rights“Carbon nanotubes paper and its series of composite products”Already on the market and won praise,Assess the value of3000Ten thousand yuan“Carbon nanotubes effective air to purify a product”Patent technology is in the stage of transfer negotiations。
    XuFuShun kunming metallurgy research institute of kunming metallurgy research institute are introduced“Research+Industry”Mode of propulsion(The)The achievements of experience。Can create yunnan metallurgical group through joint and metal fuel battery co., LTD,To carry out independent research and development and breakthrough“Aluminum air battery key materials and preparation technology”。The technology“2016In yunnan top ten science and technology progress”Great honor,To fill the gaps in this field in our province。At present, the company has been built20MWAluminum air battery assembly line,Possess20Ten thousand units/Years of production capacity of power supply products,Implements the hydropower energy recycling aluminum in yunnan province,Create great social and economic benefits。Then,Kunming city technology bureau personnel explained must pay attention to the problems in the information submitted;Small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund management center in kunming, introduced this year annual appraisal contents and matters needing attention of assessment work arrangement。Other members attending the meeting from different fields are also talk about the problems existing in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and experience。End of activities in a warm atmosphere,Get everyone's consistent high praise。
  • 2016-07-19

    South Korea first14The exhibition international nanotechnology conference and nano fusion--2016In South Korea nano exhibition(NANO KOREA 2016)In7Month13Solstice15In South KoreaKINTEXInternational exhibition center。The exhibition is by trade、Industry and energy,Science、Information and communication technology and future planning by Korea nano exhibition organizing committee supervision and management,Nanotechnology is a leading south Korean exhibition。

  • 2016-06-16

    Dr Liu Zhu of the Shanghai international air fresh air show,Throughout the year“The fog haze·The indoor environment|The top-level design and technology and market the first air purification industry Thurber BBS”On the make《A new generation of efficient antibacterial air filtration membrane》In the report,To get good response。

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